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Romance tropes

Find min blogpost om fantasy tropes her 


Forced proximity (have to be together)

Teacher / student

Bad boy(or girl) / good girl(or boy)

Grumpy / sunshine

Right person, wrong time

Only one bed

Love at first sight

Love triangle

Fake dating

Right person, not enough time

Sports romances

Single parents

Accidental pregnancy

Bully romance

Brothers best friend

Friends to lovers

Friend with benefits to lovers

Enemies to lovers

Lovers to enemies to lovers

Childhood friends to lovers

Friends to enemies to lovers

Slow burn

Insta lust

Forbidden love

Mafia romance

Bodyguard romance

Polyamorous romance

Opposites Attract

Can I? (The concent made sexy)

Rig mand(kvinde) / naiv kvinde(mand)

Dramatic exclamation of love

Taking off the mask (when one of the love interest is something else than what they pretended to be)

Power couples (better together)

Age gap

Second Chance / the one that got away

Overdone and worst tropes:

Non consensual sex

Glorifying abusive relationships

Insta love

The damsel in distress

Uneven power dynamics

The Two-dimensional love interest

Zero Chemestry

Stockholm Syndrome

Personality shift in the Bedroom

Lack of partnership

Poor communication

Cheating, r*pe, sexual assault as a way to move a plot

Stalking being seen as romantic because they have good intentions

Rival love interest being evil

Forced romance subplot


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